Business owners - shop - storefront or Home office users don't have time to hassle with bringing a computer to a retail repair shop.  Why go through the hassle of bringing your computer and other hardware to a repair shop?  Often we can diagnose your problem remotely and if necessary we can send a certified technician on-site.

  • Services

    We can set up and secure your home wireless, printers, scanners, and create a local network where files can be shared to each computer.

    Networks - Wired and Wireless

    Many homeowners often become the victims of malware and ransom ware threats.  Ransom ware is a malware that blocks or denies the use of your computer until a purchase or money is sent to unknown parties.  These threats are accompanied with specific instructions on what you must do to remove the block.  Our advice is to not pay these Internet pirates.  You can call us and we can deal with the threat.  In most cases we can successfully remove the ransom ware and keep data loss to a minimum.

    In many cases, these threats enter ones computer because of a lack of an up-to-date anti virus program.  Rescue My Computer can correct the one you currently have or install and update a reputable virus program.

    Antivirus - Malware

    Contact us, we'll go to your residence and provide service on site.  We can also provide remote service if your computer currently has an Internet connection.  We service many types of hardware and software products.

    In Home Service

  • Data Recovery

    Data loss happens in different ways.  It can be a file that was accidentally deleted, a hard drive that has failed, has become corrupt, or a file that has been destroyed by a virus or malware.

    We recommend that because a drive has failed, freezes, or has stopped running that the drive not be discarded because there may still be a way to recover data.  We have recovered data off a failing drive when temporary repairs were completed long enough to retrieve data.  In some cases we have been successful in creating an exact image of the failing drive and reinstall the information on to a new hard drive.

    Give us a try because our guarantee is simple:  No Data, No Fee.

    Data can be retrieved from the following types of devices

    Hard drive
    External Hard drive
    Camera Cards
    Flash Drives
    Server Data Recovery & more.

    Important:  If you currently experiencing data loss or suspect that you have we strongly recommend that you not use the device.  This increases the chances of retrieving lost data.

  • Web Design

    We can assist in getting your website up and running or manage an existing one.  Creating a website is not an easy task and takes time and patience to develop.  Some companies often try to develop their own site only to find that several software software products are used to properly setup up a site.  We can help in setting up an affordable site that includes the following:

    Acquiring a domain name and web server

    Close consultation to determine site needs/requirements

    Graphics - Logo - Photos

    Textual information and placement for best results

    Contact - email setup - eCommerce/Credit Card Gateways - if required.



If you have any questions regarding any of our many services, please contact us.  We’ll do our best to  answer your question and provide you with the best service.

Our staff are individuals that have served the military in a wide variety of job functions and rounded their careers as military instructors and technicians.

Rescue My Computer staff members have degrees in their specialty field, such as Information Technology and Education.

  • Compu-Trainer also offers unique services, such as:
  • PowerPoint Presentations that can be converted to video
  • Logo Design and/or enhancement
  • Custom PowerPoint Backgrounds
  • Computer based training CD-ROM/DVD ROM's
  • Photo retouching
  • Convert Video to Digital on a DVD ROM
  • Sorry no Video 8 or reel-to-reel conversion available

Residential Service